About us. We create RevoLiveChat because we know how online stores work.

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RevoLiveChat is the result of six years of customer service in five different online stores.

We have been running online stores for years and have provided our services to over a hundred thousand customers. Our chat has not been created by random software developers – it is the work of the owner and innovator of several thriving online stores. We have noticed a gap in the market in online store customer service software. Other chat services seem to offer little more than a rough-and-ready exchange of text. In fact – what is the reason a customer might decide to contact support via chat? In our experience, they intend to ask about a product, its qualities and attributes.

There is not much difference between a phone consultant and a store consultant who has only text communication at his disposal; however, most of the time, customers who contact our shop wish to quickly SEE or specify the product they are interested in buying. This is where the idea of a brand new Live Chat for online stores comes in – a live chat where consultants can not only display products that customers ask for in no time at all, but even provide them with discounts. Additionally, customers may add chosen items directly to the built-in chat cart. Regular customer service and shopping advisory functions are of course included.

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